ACT College and Career Readiness Outlook 2024-25: Strategies for Success


Date:  Thursday, April 18, 2024
Time:  11:00 a.m. CT
Duration:  60 minutes

As you plan the 2024-25 school year, do you have all the information you need to make your college and career readiness programs robust and impactful? Don’t miss out on this chance to get an outlook on trends, challenges, and best practices that truly prepare students for the future, presented by a panel of college and career readiness experts and practitioners—educators like you—with real examples from schools across the country.  

We’ll cover: 

  • Proactive ways to build student preparedness with academics, life skills, and career readiness. 

  • How to overcome the biggest challenges in college and career success planning.

  • Taking a holistic approach to supporting learners, educators, and your community.

  • Professional development options for educators that improve student readiness.

  • Use cases for ACT solutions beyond college admissions.

  • Best-practice examples of college and career readiness success plans.

  • Additional resources to help with planning and executing your readiness programs. 


Dr. Ashley Buchman,  Director of Client Relations, East Region, ACT
With a doctor of education degree in educational leadership from Arkansas State University and 16 years of experience in education, Ashley is a highly qualified professional dedicated to helping educators thrive. Her roles as vice chancellor for student affairs, faculty member for a master’s program, and peer reviewer for a regional accrediting body have equipped her with the knowledge and skills necessary to strategically support and collaborate with districts in increasing students' college and career readiness.



Dr. Joan Gabelmann,  Director of Assessment and Accountability, Lawton Public Schools, Oklahoma 
Dr. Joan Gabelmann is an accomplished educator with more than 10 years of experience in education instruction, leadership, accountability, and assessment. She has an M.Ed. in teaching and learning, an M.Ed. in reading, an M.Ed. in special education, an M.S. in education leadership from Cameron University, and an Ed.D. in administrative leadership from Northcentral University. Dr. Gabelmann specializes in the instruction of at-risk students, assessment development, data research and analysis, and leadership modalities. She is the director of accountability and assessment for Lawton Public Schools and the district's Albert Johnson Sr. Conference Center in Lawton, Oklahoma.


Dr. Kristy Hernandez, Executive Director of Secondary Education, Moore Public Schools, Oklahoma 
Dr. Kristy Hernandez boasts 34 years in education, spanning roles from teacher to administrator. Her doctorate from Oklahoma State University underscores her dedication. As a founding member of the Oklahoma ACT State Council, she’s been instrumental in shaping educational policies. However, her most impactful contribution lies in spearheading a district-wide mental health program, recognizing its vital role in student success. Through her leadership, students have found crucial support, nurturing an environment conducive to learning. Dr. Hernandez’s passion for service and innovative approach have garnered widespread respect, cementing her legacy as a beacon of compassionate leadership in education.


Montgomery Hinton,  College and Career Prep Specialist II - Rankin County School District   
A 30-year veteran of teaching, Montgomery Hinton brings a diverse background blended into a unique presenting and teaching candor. For the last seven years, he has served in the role of college and career prep specialist for Rankin County School District, the second-largest school district in Mississippi. Prior to that, he spent 23 years as a classroom teacher, spanning a broad genre of teaching, including English, math, reading, and science courses from grades 7-12.