Louisiana ACT Workshops

ACT DATA: Accelerating Your School and Student Success 2.0


Join Mia Edwards, your ACT Account Executive, for an opportunity to learn more about the power of ACT Data and how to use it in strategic planning to improve school and student ACT success.

This workshop is an extension of the previously held ACT DATA workshop held in June 2023.

This free workshop will touch on procedures for accessing data from ACT’s Online Reporting System and will mainly focus on data analysis of the participant’s school data.  Participants will develop a deeper understanding of the ACT Assessment Reports and how to utilize this data to improve school and student ACT success!
Schools are charged with preparing students for college and/or career readiness and this is not an easy task!  Part of this mission is helping students achieve maximum ACT results. As you know, there are a lot of areas that depend on ACT results: 

  • TOPS and TOPS Tech Awards.
  • Gaining access and entry into postsecondary programs.
  • To earn college credits.
  • ACT Quadrant (25%) of School Performance Score.

ACT is here to help you maximize the data to support your students. Questions to ask yourself:

  • How can we use the data provided by a student’s ACT assessment report to improve student learning? 
  • How can we use student data to identify opportunities for success and improvement?   

This workshop is ideal for any school or district personnel that interprets and uses ACT Data and would like a deeper understanding of the ACT Assessment Reports and how to use them to improve school and student ACT outcomes. 

We will involve a deep dive into student, school, and district ACT assessment reports obtained from ACT’s Online Reporting System. The focus of this interactive workshop will be data analysis of participants’ school and/or district level data to inform their instructional decisions.  

Participants will leave this session having analyzed their ACT Assessment Reports to grow their students, school, and district to their fullest potential. 

Workshop Agenda: 

  • Check-In
  • Welcome and Introductions 
  • Brief overview of ACT’s Online Reporting System
  • ACT Assessment Reports
  • Interactive Data Analysis
  • Networking and Break
  • Interactive Data Analysis
  • Questions and Conversation 
  • Wrap-up/Next Steps 

This workshop is geared toward participants that understand ACT’s Online Reporting System.  It would be beneficial for the participant to have attended the previous ACT Data: Accelerating Your School and Student Success workshop, but it is not mandatory to have done so.

Light refreshments will be provided prior to the presentation.

 If you have any questions, please contact aly.tomlinson@act.org.